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Green Bay Packers 34  Dallas Cowboys 31


-The Packers are finally on the winning end of a classic NFL playoff game


-Aaron Rodgers throw to Jared Cook was amazing.


-Mason Crosby is awesome too!


-Dallas will be back...but being 13-3 is extremely hard


-Are the Packers better off for having almost blowing another playoff game?


-But seriously why does this keep happening?


-Facebook Comments! 

  • Icing the Kicker Sucks, but what can be done about it?
  • If the Packers win the Super Bowl, is Rodgers the greatest of all time?
  • Championships are a horrible way to judge quarterbacks


-We talk all of the action of the Divisional Playoffs


-Conference Championship talk!

  • Can the Steelers finally beat the Patriots and validate their success in the Roethlisberger Era
  • Why does Atlanta's new stadium look like a gross part of the body?
  • Atlanta is really really good. Maybe we don't believe the Packers can beat them, but nothing that makes sense has occured this season


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Green Bay Packers 38  New York Giants 13


-On both offense and defense, the Packers went from inept to unstoppable


-Aaron Rodgers had the best game a QB has ever had in cold weather (and the stats prove it)


-This might be the strangest Packers team we've seen in our lives


-How does Aaron Rodgers keep throwing Hail Marys?


-Randall Cobb has a great game


-The Packers defense shuts down the New York Giants receivers (much more than a boat did)


-Clay Matthews fumble recovery was awesome


-How can the Packers stop Dak Prescott, Ezikiel Elliot and that Dallas Offensive Line? By instilling in them the Fear of Aaron Rodgers


-Packers win aside, this might have been the worst weekend of NFL Football in history


-Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers so dirty in the playoffs?


-Divisional Round Picks:

          Can Seattle beat the Falcons in the dome?

          Why are New England and Houston even playing?

          Will Kansas City follow their heritage and lose at home in the Divisional Round

          Will the Packers continue this incredible run?


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Green Bay Packers 31  Detroit Lions 24


-It must suck to be from Detroit today. 


-Aaron Rodgers can take this team anywhere...but will the defense ruin it?


-Who the heck is going to cover Odell Beckham Jr?


-Can Eli Manning really beat Green Bay at Lambeau again?


-How far will the Packers go in the playoffs? Sizing up the potential playoff matchups for the Packers


-The AFC Playoffs are a joke


-Who should be NFL MVP?


-We discuss your Facebook comments!


-Is Mike McCarthy one more title away from Hall of Fame consideration?


-The College Football Postseason kinda sucks


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Green Bay Packers 38  Minnesota Vikings 25


-The Packers offense rolls the same team they couldn't do anything against in September


-Jordy Nelson's Pro Bowl snub is ridiculous


-Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL MVP?


-Is the Packers' defense good enough to win a Championship?


-Beating Detroit will be much more difficult than some fans think


-Derek Carr breaks his leg? Is there anyone that can stop the Patriots from winning the AFC?


-The AFC Playoffs are set....and they're going to be gross


-Week 17 Picks

    Will the Redskins lose and give Green Bay a Wildcard spot before they play?

    Can Atlanta lock up the Number 2 seed?

    Will anyone watch Cardinals/Rams?


-College Football Playoff Predictions


-Will Wisconsin win the Cotton Bowl?


-Can Green Bay beat Detroit and go to the playoffs for the 8th straight year?




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Green Bay Packers 30  Chicago Bears 27


-After all they have been through, the Packers now control their own destiny for a playoff spot


-Aaron Rodgers breaks the Bears' hearts again in the clutch


-Aaron Rodgers might never win another Super Bowl, but he's made memories that are argueably worth as much


-The defense squanders a big lead again. Are we headed toward another heartbreaking big game collapse?


-Packers Playoff Scenarios. Where will they end up?


-The Packers and Vikings may both accomplish feats that have rarely happened in league history


-Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL MVP in 2016?


-Week 16 Picks

     Christmas football is back!! Yay?


-We discuss Facebook comments!


-Will the Packers beat the Vikings and set up a win-and-in Week 17 showdown?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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Green Bay Packers 38  Seattle Seahawks 10


-This is as satisfying as a win can get. 


-Seattle has it's biggest loss of the Russell Wilson Era


-Aaron Rodgers finally shreds an elite defense


-Davante Adams' rise is still incredible


-The Packers defense is as good now as they were bad in November. Was it just the injuries?


-Why does it seem the Packers only play well when they're cornered?


-Christian Ringo had the best pass rush of all time


-Will the Packers make the Playoffs?


-Are the Packers now a legitimate Super Bowl Contender?


-Jeff Fisher is (finally) fired as Rams head coach. Will Jim Harbaugh replace him?


-Why does Eric get so annoyed by Ex-Badgers in the NFL?


-If each team was comprised of their literal mascot, who would win the Super Bowl?


-Week 15 Picks


-Will the Packers get the help they need? Can they beat the lowly Bears without Aaron Rodgers?


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Green Bay Packers 21  Houston Texans 13


-A Snowy Win at Lambeau Field was just what the state needed after a Wisconsin collapse the night before


-Aaron Rodgers and Brock Osweiler had nearly the same statline, but it wasn't even close.


-Houston has to have major buyers remorse on Osweiler


-Is James Starks finished?


-The defense bends but doesn't break. Will that work against better defenses?


-Phil Simms and Jim Nantz are terrible together


-The Wisconsin Badgers blow the biggest lead in NCAA Conference Championship Game History in a Loss to Penn State because of course they would


-Would a loss to Western Michigan hurt the Wisconsin Program?


-Sort of in depth Milwaukee Bucks talk!! That's gotta be a first


-College Football Playoff discussion. Did the committee get it right? Is Alabama a lock to win another title?


-Tom Brady surpasses Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for most all time wins. It's impressive, but we discuss why Favre's mark might still be more impressive


-Week 14 Picks - is this the week for the Cleveland Browns to finally win!?


-Can the Packers beat Seattle? Sure! Will they? Umm......


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Green Bay Packers 27  Philadelphia Eagles 13


-The Packers actually win. We forgot how satisfying that was


-The offense has been playing well as of late


-Why is Davante Adams so much better?


-Jon Gruden is so much fun to listen to. Trent Dilfer is not.


-Was the defense better or do the Eagles just stink?


-Was this a sign of things to come or some temporary relief?


-Week 13 picks!


-College Football Playoff Talk. Will Wisconsin make the big dance?


-We forgot to pick the Packers/Texans game. We think they'll win!


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Washington Redskins 42  Green Bay Packers 24


-We've finally discovered what's wrong! It's so obvious!


-But seriously, every week creates a new mystery


-Who is the bigger problem: Mike McCarthy or Ted Thompson?


-Aaron Rodgers isn't the problem....probably


-Can the younger generation of Packer fans tolerate losing?


-Crossfire: Thanksgiving Edition! Turkey Talk!

       -Who was the most memorable Turkey Leg Award Winner? 

       -What is the best Thanksgiving food?

       -What is the first Christmas thing we'll watch?


-The Wisconsin Badgers might make the College Football Playoff...but are they really a top 4 team?


-We pick the Thanksgiving games.


-Will the Packers be squashed in Philadelphia?


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Tennessee Titans 47  Green Bay Packers 25


-This was one of the worst efforts that Packers have given in a long time


-It might be time to move on from Mike McCarthy


-Firing someone after a string of success that McCarthy has had would be rare...but not unprecedented


-Mike McCarthy will likely get the ultimate blame, but is this more Ted Thompson's fault?


-Aaron Rodgers could really tone down yelling at his teammates


-Davante Adams: We're sorry


-The worst figure in the NFL isn't Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Colin Kaepernick or even Roger Goodell. It's Jeff Triplette.


-We butcher your Facebook comments!! (Mainly because Eric can't read)


-When it comes to political opinions, NFL players are in a no-win situation


-The Wisconsin Badgers actually have a shot to be in the College Football Playoff


-Matt was in Madison for the Badgers game. And it made him realize he's getting old. 


-The 2016 Packers are eerily similar to the 1999 Packers (Click to see the comparison table)


-Will the Packers get back on track in Washington? Don't bet on it...


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