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Archive for February 2013

The Long Offseason is Underway....

-The Packers sure do look different

-Matt returns to give his thoughts on Donald Driver's retirement and the Favre/Rodgers handshake

-Discussion of Charles Woodson release awakens Eric's frustration with Ted Thompson's personnel philosophy

-What if Archie Manning had been traded to the Packers in 1974 instead of John Hadl?

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Super Bowl XLVII

-Caleb Pike guest hosts for Matt to discuss the spectacle of the Super Bowl

-The Baltimore Ravens are the Super Bowl Champions and Joe Flacco is the MVP…really?

-Super Bowl Champs aren’t they used to be

-Why losing the Super Bowl is a bad omen for a Quarterback

-We discuss the not-hug heard round the world between Favre and Rodgers

-Donald Driver Retires

-Crossfire returns – Topics such as: If we were casting for a TV Series about the 2006-10 Packers, who would we cast to play Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, and Bob Harlen

-And More!!

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