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Seattle Seahawks 17 Green Bay Packers 10

-Did this loss change our opinion of the team? It did...but not how you would think.

-The Packers finally cut ties with Graham Harrell. Is BJ Coleman next?

-Mason seems to have won the kicking "competition". Which scrubs will he "compete" with next!?

-DuJuan Harris is the next in a long line of dubious IR placements by Ted Thompson

-Is Ted Thompson afraid to take risks?

-Crossfire returns!! We talk Hall of Famers, the Pro Bowl, Draft Busts, and the most legacy-damaging loss in Packers History!

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 Green Bay Packers 19  St. Louis Rams 7

-Eddie Lacy looked as good as advertised

-Jermichael Finley too

- The first team offense is moving the ball...but can't get into the end zone. Are we worried?

-Who won't make it?: Graham Harrell, BJ Coleman, or Vince Young?

-Micah Hyde is everywhere

-Johnny makes us Jolly

-Mason won the kicking job by not losing it

-What if the 2007 Packers had acquired Randy Moss (Thanks to Chris Stanziale)? 

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Arizona Cardinals 17 Green Bay Packers 0

We're back!!

-The Packers are shutout in the preseason for the first time in 10 years. What does it mean?

-Is David Bakhtiari the answer at tackle?

-Vince Young has to be the Backup QB....right?

-The Packers still won't commit to the running game

-Green Bay has a lot of injuries...just like everyone else

-Local preseason broadcast hilarity

-Thoughts on Ryan Longwell retiring as a Packer

-What if the 2007 Packers had beaten the Giants in the NFC Championship? (Thanks to Nathan Shaw)

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