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Green Bay Packers 33  Chicago Bears 28

-Somehow, the Green Bay Packers are the 2013 NFC North Division Champions!!

-The Packers win a game for the ages and bring us some perspective

-What must it be like to be from Chicago?

-Aaron Rodgers finally has his folklore moment...and he deserves it more than anyone

-The defense plays it's part

-How much money did Joe Buck bet on the Bears?

-2013 NFL Playoff Preview

-Can the Packers beat San Francisco?

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Pittsburgh Steelers 38  Green Bay Packers 31

-AARON RODGERS RETURNS on Sunday against the Bears. How will he play?

-The Packers loss wound up being practically meaningless. Did we learn anything new?

-Aaron Rodgers has his chance to create a moment for Packers folklore

-Week 17 thoughts and predictions: Who will win the NFC East? Who will be the 6th seed in the AFC?

-Will the Packers beat the Bears?

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thanks for listening!!


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Green Bay Packers 37  Dallas Cowboys 36

-Sunday's game reminds us why we love football

-The Packers did a few little things in the first half to set the stage for the epic comeback

-We discuss the great plays that turned the tide

-Why is Matt Flynn so good at coming from behind?

-Did the Packers win the game or did Dallas lose it?

-Is Tony Romo Finished in Dallas?

-Does this win change our opinion of this team?

-Can anyone beat Seattle?

-Will the Packers beat the Steelers with or without Rodgers? We aren't sure.

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Green Bay Packers 22  Atlanta Falcons 21

-A Win!!! Hooray?

-Matt Flynn did enough to win, but we aren't sure how

-Will It Matter if Aaron Rodgers Plays Against Dallas?

-The Packers are still who we thought they were...just a winner this week.

-Will Making the Playoffs Make Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy Preserve this Flawed Team?

-We talk College Football!! How will the Badgers fare against South Carolina and Goodbye BCS!!

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Detroit Lions 40  Green Bay Packers 10

-This was a historically bad loss

-The Packers have their first winless month in a long long time

-The injuries on defense should not matter this much

-Will Aaron Rodgers play against the Atlanta Falcons? Do we want him to?

-Seattle is the best team in the NFL...and the most easy to hate

-Crossfire!! We share your topics from Facebook as well as our own. Which NFL player is the biggest phony? Who is the greatest Packer to never win a championship? And more!!

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