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Green Bay Packers 38  Chicago Bears 17

-Rodgers was unbelievable...but was anyone else?

-The Packers are back to what they always are, but is that a good thing?

-Randall Cobb has his best game of the season

-Aaron Rodgers have a motivation problem?

-Why does Dom Capers own Jay Cutler?

-Just like every week, the officials were horrible

-Teddy Bridgewater looked good. Should we be scared?

-Side discussion: What is a better indication of future success in college: National Titles, Heisman Trophies, or a high draft grade?

-Week 5 picks

-Kyle Orton is starting again! Has he started for more teams than any other journeyman QB? We try to figure it out!

-Vikings or Packers? Who wins?

-Appreciation for NFC North rivals (Seriously!)

Let us know what you think!


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Detroit Lions 19  Green Bay Packers 7

-The offense is as bad as we've seen in a long time.

-Who is to blame?: McCarthy? Rodgers? Thompson? Lacy? All of them!?

-Can the Packers offense get better?

-Aaron Rodgers is not playing like an elite quarterback

-The defense shockingly plays great

-Are the Packers days as an elite team over?

-Week 4 Picks

-Can the Packers beat Chicago?

-2014 has been awful for Wisconsin Sports Fans


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Green Bay Packers 31  New York Jets 24

-What a Weird Game - Do we feel better or worse about the Packers after this win?

-The defense clamps down in the second half

-Are the 2014 Packers partying like they're the 1999 Packers? Could the Packers be in for a bad season?

-Is Randall Cobb worth signing to a new contract? We dicuss production vs. Jordy Nelson's

-Eddie Lacy and the running game struggles again

-Marty Mornhinweg still makes hilarious mistakes

-Week 2 proves we still no nothing about these teams

-Russell Wilson is Jim McMahon?

-Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice make us appreciate the good guys on the Packers 

-Week 3 Picks - Pick Along with Us!


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Seattle Seahawks 36  Green Bay Packers 16

-There's no sugar coating it...the Packers were destroyed

-Who can beat Seattle?

-Packers come up short against an elite team again

-The defense is still bad

-Should Aaron Rodgers be more like Andrew Luck? We'll explain

-We discuss YOUR Facebook comments and questions

-Brief Ray Rice discussion: Is this the beginning of the end for Roger Goodell?

-Regardless of what the NFL said, penalties were definitely not called the same in Week 1 as they were in the preseason

-Eric shares his preseason conspiracy theory


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Why not get ready for the 2014 Season Opener by doing two things:

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Green Bay Packers 34  Kansas City Chiefs 14

-The Packers end the preseason with a bang.

-Matt Flynn named Packers backup Quarterback over Scott Tolzien. Was that the right decision?

-We discuss the Packers final cuts and practice squad

-Final thoughts on the preseason. And what it might mean.

-Biggest Surprises and Disappointments of the Packers' preseason

-NEW FOR 2014! Weekly NFL Pick 'Em. If you want to pick along with us, participate here!

-Packers vs. Seahawks predictions

-Wisconsin vs. LSU............ugh


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