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Green Bay Packers 24  Minnesota Vikings 21

-Matt's guarantee was correct...but not in that way he envisioned

-Eddie Lacy is a beast

-This was still a good win for the Packers

-The Packers defense didn't believe Teddy Bridgewater could beat them. They were right.

-How can the Packers stop New England?

-Ryan Fitzpatrick is back in the starting lineup yet again. How does he do it?

-Johnny Football gets in a Johnny Footbrawl. How stupid is this guy?

-Week 13 picks

-Better Thanksgiving Football Tradition: NFL or College Football?

-Green Bay vs. New England - Who will win?


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Green Bay Packers 53  Philadelphia Eagles 20

-Are the Packers really this good?

-The Packers are better on the road than they get credit for

-When Aaron Rodgers is at his best, is he the greatest of all time?

-Turns out, Mark Sanchez still sucks

-Is it time to praise Dom Capers?

-Have the Packers invented a new position with Clay Matthews?

-Chip Kelly vs. Bo Pelini - Who takes a beatdown better?

-Are the Seahawks finished?

-Is New England great or are the Colts overrated?

-Week 12 picks

-Matt makes a bold guarantee about Week 12

-We discuss your comments!


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Green Bay Packers 55  Chicago Bears 14

-Are the Packers that good or are the Bears that bad?

-Seriously the Bears are horrible

-Mike McCarthy cared more about tripping on a cord than the Bears did about their season going down the tubes

-Should Aaron Rodgers have gone for the touchdown record?

-Should the Bears Fire Mark Trestman this week?

-Can the Bears get out of Jay Cutler's contract? (Fortunately probably not)

-Clay Matthews plays middle linebacker. Will that fix the run defense?

-Blowouts are occurring at a historic pace this season and the stats prove it

-An NFL Team in London is a Terrible Idea

-The FXFL is testing new kicking rules for the NFL. Ugh. 

-The NFL is in Danger of Ruining Itself with Tweaks and Oversaturation

-Week 11 Predictions

-Packers vs. Eagles Preview


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Bye Week Special!

-As a fan, do you like the bye week?

-There seem to be a lot of blowouts in the NFL this year. Why?

-Will RGIII ever get back to his 2012 form?

-What If...? NFL Edition Special!
-What if Super Bowl 28 had ended up being Joe Montana vs. Steve Young?
-What if the Packers had drafted Ray Lewis? 
-What if the 2007 Cowboys had traded Terrell Owens for Randy Moss?
-What if the Vikings had won the 1998 and/or 2000 NFL Championship Games?
-What if Drew Bledsoe hadn't gotten hurt in 2001?/What if the Tuck Rule had not been called?
-What if Bill Belichick had accepted the New York Jets Head Coaching Job in 2000?


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