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Green Bay Packers 30  Detroit Lions 20


-Aaron Rodgers Heroics: What were we thinking when he went down?

-Aaron Rodgers should be the NFL MVP

-Review of Packers individual stats this year

-Ndamukong Suh steps on Aaron Rodgers, is suspended, and is a disgrace to sports

-NFL Coaching Changes: Who's fired and who's staying put?

-The Falcons should not have fired Mike Smith

-Wild Card Playoff Preview and Predictions


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Green Bay Packers 20  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3

-The Packers were sluggish, but they knew Tampa couldn't beat them

-More offensive woes. Are we worried yet?

-It will be nice to hear Joe and Troy again

-Is this defense really this good?

-Clay Matthews is back to Pro Bowl form

-NFC and AFC Playoff Picture

-Christmas Crossfire!!: We get ready for the holidays by debating some of the best that Christmas and Football have to offer!

-The Passing of Fuzzy Thurston

-Matt shares stories of meeting Packers around Green Bay

-Lions vs. Packers - Who will win?



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Buffalo Bills 21  Green Bay Packers 13

-A lot more than a game was lost on Sunday

-Packers Playoff Scenarios. Where do they stand now?

-Aaron Rodgers was bad enough that it may cost him the MVP

-Why did they stop feeding Eddie Lacy?

-How much did the Bills do to win?

-The Packers still can't beat the Cover 2. How in the world can this team beat Seattle? Can they even beat Detroit?

-RGIII can deliver the Pack to the Playoffs

-Week 16 Picks

-Gary Anderson Leaves Wisconsin

-Should Barry Alvarez coach the Outback Bowl?

-Can Green Bay Beat Tampa Bay?


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Green Bay Packers 43  Atlanta Falcons 37

-That was weird

-Don't panic about the defense...yet

-A "Good Enough" Defense Will Not Be Good Enough

-Did you actually believe the Packers might lose?

-Julio Jones is better than we thought he was

-James Starks reappears

-Cam Newton Injured in a Car Accident...but that doesn't excuse his baby-like fighting techniques

-Referee Fist Bump: There is a referee conspiracy, but not the one you think

-How Scared Are We of the Seahawks?

-Week 15 Picks

-The Bills are Scary Too

-Enjoy This Season While It Lasts. 

Let us know what you think!


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Green Bay Packers 26  New England Patriots 21


-How great was the defense? They finally slowed down a great quarterback

-Aaron Rodgers is already 31 years old!? And he as tough as they come.

-Are the Packers really the best team in the NFL?

-Do they have to resign Randall Cobb? Tramon Williams?

-Packer fans may complain about Buck & Aikman...but at least they aren't Nantz & Simms

-We share Facebook comments: Will we still remember this season fondly if/when the Packers DON'T win the Super Bowl?

-Week 14 Picks & NFL Discussion
-Ryan Fitzpatrick proves NFL stats are ruined
-Eli Manning will be a Hall of Famer...but his career stats are horrible
-Who do we WANT to win: Seattle or Philadelphia
-Does Philadelphia's offense transcend an average QB?

-Wisconsin Badgers Football & College Football Playoff

-Will the Packers slip up against the Falcons?


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