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Seattle Seahawks 28  Green Bay Packers 22

-The Packers collapse. This is the worst loss in franchise history

-Packer Nation is in mourning and hurt like this makes you reevaluate being a sports fan altogether

-Who is to blame for the loss...perhaps no one?

-The Packers dominated the Seahawks at real football. They lost on tricks and flukes. 

-Russell Wilson is overrated and maddeningly annoying

-This loss could destroy the Packers

-Was Mike McCarthy too conservative?

-How much blame should Aaron Rodgers get?

-The defense was outstanding...until it wasn't

-Do you care about the Super Bowl?

-How will a Super Bowl loss affect Tom Brady's legacy?

-Life sucks...but it can't get any worse than this right? RIGHT!?

-Thank you for a great season!!


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Green Bay Packers 26  Dallas Cowboys 21

-The Packers win an epic thriller

-Eric shares his thoughts from being there live (Thanks to Caleb for the ticket!)

-Dez Bryant's "Catch" was ruled correctly...but the rule is wrong

-Aaron Rodgers' Legend Grows

-Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, and Aaron Rodgers have added to their legacies the last 2 years

-Devonte Adams was awesome (So was Randall Cobb, but we forgot to talk about him)

-The Packers CAN win in Seattle...but will they?

-Russell Wilson is Insufferable 

-Will Peyton Manning Retire? Will he have a choice in the matter?

-The Bills hire Rex Ryan? Will this take them to the next level?

-We are not as impressed with Andrew Luck and the Colts as everyone else seems to be

-2015 Hall of Fame Finalists....Has TV affected the selection process?

-NFC and AFC Championship Game Predictions

-No matter what happens in Seattle, the Packers proved something this year

Let us know what you think!


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Happy New Year!!!!

-The Matchup is Set: Cowboys vs. Packers. How do they stack up?

-Wildcard Weekend Review. The Bengals and Cardinals sure sucked

-Playoff Joe Flacco is back. Will he win the Super Bowl and Ruin Football Forever?

-We discuss YOUR topics from Facebook
-Lions and Cowboys Pass Interference Controversy
-Should Marvin Lewis be Fired?
-How will the Packers postseason effect our memory of this season
-Who should get paid first: Randall Cobb or the Offensive Line
-Remembering Stuart Scott and the SportsCenter of days past

-Green Bay/Dallas Predictions

Let us know what you think!


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