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3rd Annual Goldie Awards!!

But first....
-Congratulations to Ron Wolf for being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Were we surprised?

-Was Kurt Warner snubbed?

-Why did Jerome Bettis get in?

-Mike McCarthy gives up the play calling duties. Is this an overreaction?

-Will Aaron Rodgers actually be the one calling the plays?

-3rd Annual Goldie Awards!!
  • Who will be the extra special host!!?
  • Who will take home these great honors
  • Thank you for everyone who voted!!!
-The season is officially over...and that's sad. 

-At least the draft is soon....I guess.



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It's award season! And that can only mean one thing.....THE GOLDIE'S ARE HERE!

We'll share your votes at the 3rd Annual Goldie Awards Next Week. We may even have a very special guest host!!

Revisit the previous Goldie Awards!

If you don't want to do any of those things, at least enjoy this photo of Dom accepting his award for the "One Way Ticket" Award at least year's event. This totally, definitely happened.

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Super Bowl XLIX: New England Patriots 28  Seattle Seahawks 24

-That Packers loss isn't looking so bad now is it?

-Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell are getting the blame...but Russell Wilson deserves it

-Russell Wilson's legacy destroying interception was historically bad...and of course we have the stats to prove it

-The Legion of Boom is Busted (That's the phrase I should've used on the actual episode!

-The fight at the end of the game fit Seattle and this season perfectly

-Malcolm Butler came from nowhere and came up huge

-Which Legacy was Most Damaged: Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Darrell Bevell, or the Seahawks Defense

-I suppose we should talk about the Patriots since they did win

-Are championships really the best way to judge quarterbacks?

-Will the Seahawks survive this?


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