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Chicago Bears 17  Green Bay Packers 13

-Despite the game, Halftime with Brett Favre and Bart Starr made it a memorable Thanksgiving

-But that game though...WHAT THE HELL'S GOIN' ON OUT THERE!?

-Everything on the offense is broken - both players and scheme

-Eddie Lacy should not have been punished for fumbling

-Aaron Rodgers looks less and less to blame for the offense

-Can the offense be fixed this year?

-It sucks for Aaron Rodgers that he couldn't complete the comeback with Favre and Starr in attendance.

-Green and Gold Forever got a sneak peak at the upcoming NFL Network Special The Timeline: Favre Returns, airing Thursday, Dec 3rd following the Packers/Lions game. We share our thoughts 

-Will we ever get the complete story of the Favre breakup from the Packers' perspective?

-Would Brett Favre have returned by now if Aaron Rodgers hadn't led the Packers to Super Bowl title in 2010?

-Can the Packers beat the Lions?

-Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Green Bay Packers 30  Minnesota Vikings 13

-The Pack is Back!!! Right?

-Aaron Rodgers plays how you would expect against a great defense

-Is Eddie Lacy back?

-The defense is DEFINITELY back..right?

-What must it be like to be the Minnesota Vikings and their fans? 

-Do we view these teams any differently after this game?

-The Packers are back in control of the North...but could they beat Carolina or Arizona?

-Would we rather have the Vikings keep winning in order to keep Seattle out of the playoffs?

-CrossFAVREr Segment - A CrossFire segment all about Brett Favre!
-Favorite Lessor Praised Brett Favre game?
-Where does Brett Favre rank as a figure in Packers history?
-Favorite Brett Favre quote?
-Worst thing from Brett Favre's history: Playoff INTs, Retirement Waffling, 
 Vikings stint, or those photos...?
-Who is the best Packers Quarterback?
-And more!!

-Week 12 Picks: Will the Bears ruin Green Bay's Thanksgiving?

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Detroit Lions 18  Green Bay Packers 16


-The Packers offense is definitively broken. We have 5 theories as to why.

-Jordy Nelson can't be that good to make this big of a difference

-Tom Clements will still call plays. Has Mike McCarthy's offseason shakeup ruined this team?

-Has Aaron Rodgers peaked?

-The Lions tried to lose the game and still couldn't

-The Special Teams is a special kind of bad

-Rodgers' comments on a fan outburst during the moment of silence for Paris. We discuss his and the NFL's response to this tragedy. 

-Seriously what the hell is a catch?

-Week 11 Picks...who really cares at this point?

-If the Packers want to win the NFC North, they MUST win Sunday. Will they?

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Carolina Panthers 37  Green Bay Packers 29

-The Packers said they were ready to play. They weren't.

-The season isn't over...but expectations sure have changed

-The offensive explosion at the end of the game was a mirage

-Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers can't bring themselves to take any risks until it's too late. And that philosophy is costing them.

-The defense is historically bad. Who is to blame: Dom Capers? The talent? Ted Thompson?

-The 2014 title game helped us forget who this team really is

-Cam Newton is great...but he misses a lot of easy throws

-Don't look now, but the Seahawks defense is back

-Technically, the Vikings are now in first place in the NFC North

-Week 10 Picks

-The Packers will beat the Lions...but what if they don't look impressive?

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Denver Broncos 29  Green Bay Packers 10

-That was awful

-Aaron Rodgers seems completely unwilling to take a risk, even in desperate times

-The Packers looked uninspired

-Can the Packers fix this offense?

-Aaron Rodgers certainly is not the best QB of all time. At least not yet. 

-The Saints/Giants game was a glimpse of the future...it's a future we don't want

-Yesterday's slate of games was poor

-Week 9 picks
-We are actually looking forward to watching the Vikings this week
-In case you couldn't get enough, Dallas is on national TV again next week

-Next week's game against the Panthers feels like a tipping point. How different this season might feel after next week.


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