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Green Bay Packers 21  San Francisco 49ers 10

-Aaron Rodgers plays. He had one bad drive and one good drive. Which stuck with us more?

-Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb look ready for 2016

-Jared Cook is a Beast

-Will Davante Adams ever turn the corner?

-Has anyone been more fun to watch than Joe Callahan?

-Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the National Anthem

-Tim Mastay wins the punting competition

-Tony Romo injury. Will he ever play for Dallas again?

-The Vikings new stadium looks awesome...but they were easier to respect when they played outside

-Mini Crossfire: Will Peyton Manning be better remembered as a Bronco than a Colt?

-Why does NBC think we care so much about their stupid intro song?

-College Football starts this weekend? We preview Wisconsin vs. LSU at Lambeau Field

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Green Bay Packers 17  Cleveland Browns 11

Green Bay Packers 20  Oakland Raiders 12

-Two Games covered with Half the Effort!

-Hall of Fame Game is Cancelled

-Brett Favre's Hall of Fame Induction was awesome...and proved that his time with the Minnesota Vikings will be a painful wound forever. 

-The Preseason is especially bad this year

-Will Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers be suspended?

-Why is the NFL seemingly set on ruining the reputations of its best players and teams?

-Jason Spriggs vs.Khalil Mack wasn't pretty. 

-Will Jeff Janis even make the team?

-Dak Prescott shines in Dallas

-Olympics talk. What are the best and worst games to watch?

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