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Atlanta Falcons 33  Green Bay Packers 32

-Rodgers plays great...but the Packers lose

-Green Bay needed one more play and didn't get it. That sure happens alot

-Aaron Rodgers didn't get it done in crunch time, but criticsm isn't quite fair

-Why do children try to trick or treat at houses that don't have their lights on!?

-Does this offensive performance give you more hope for this season?

-Wisconsin beats Nebraska. How good are the Badgers?

-The World Series beats Sunday Night Football in the ratings. 

-Do we want the Cubs to win the World Series?

-Will the Packers beat the Colts?

-Thanks for tuning in to a bizarre show (for reasons other than Halloween)

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Green Bay Packers 26  Chicago Bears 10

-How bout dem unis!?

-Packers successfully adjust their offense in 3 days

-Will the new offense work when they don't play Chicago?

-The new offense may work, but it still isn't fun to watch

-The NFL ratings issues are probably due to a horrible product

-Davante Adams plays great. Can he keep it up?

-How long can Ty Montgomery and Randall Cobb hold up getting that many touches?

-Was Clay Matthews' hit on Brian Hoyer dirty?

-The Wisconsin Badgers win, but are one upped when Penn State beat Ohio State

-Bart Houston and Alex Hornibrook both play. Should they?

-The Packers have no easy wins the rest of the season. Will they make the playoffs?

-Even if the Packers lose, will you feel better if the Packers offense plays well in Atlanta?

-Will Julio Jones break the NFL single game receiving yardage record vs. the Packers?


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Dallas Cowboys 30  Green Bay Packers 16

-Is this the beginning of the end for the trio of Rodgers/McCarthy/Thompson?

-Will Mike McCarthy be fired after 2016?

-The coaching is lacking, but this offense has worked without Aaron Rodgers. He's the difference right now.

-There is no precedent in NFL History for a player of Rodgers' caliber suddenly falling off so hard.

-We're already tired of the Cowboys (over)hype

-Will the Packers beat the Bears and declare everything fixed?

-Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys offensive like expose the Packers run defense

-The Packers have spent 5 years drafting for defense and have little to show for it

-We go to your Facebook comments!
-Rodgers problems appear to be mental
-These Packers closely mirror the early 2000s Packers
-When is the right time to rebuild?

-Week 7 Picks

-Will the Packers even have enough players available to take on the Bears?

-Even though we asked for it, the Packers Color Rush uniforms are kind of tame. 


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Green Bay Packer 23  New York Giants 16

-The Packers won....but how good are they?

-The offense struggled again, but put up impressive numbers

-The defense looks very good, but have they been tested?

-Is Nick Perry the next defensive superstar we've been waiting for?

-The secondary plays well without Damarious Randall 

-Is anyone good in the NFL this year?

-Week 5 Picks
No wonder the ratings are down....who wants to watch most of these games!?

-ESPN College Gameday is in Madison Saturday for Wisconsin vs. Ohio State. Can the Badgers score the upset?

-The Cowboys will be the Packers biggest test to date. Will they pass?


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Green Bay Packers (2-1) Bye Week

-As a devoted fan of a team: are bye weeks a nice break or boring?

-The 8:30 am timeslot is weird

-The two NFC Title Game Participants, Carolina and Arizona look rough. Is it too early to write them off?

-How is Antonio Brown so good?

-NFL Ratings are on the decline. What is causing this?

-Wisconsin falls to Michigan. Should Paul Chryst have benched Alex Hornibrook?

-The New York Giants visit Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football. Will they beat the Packers? Will the game beat the Presidential Debate in the ratings?

-Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below!


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