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Green Bay Packers 27  Philadelphia Eagles 13


-The Packers actually win. We forgot how satisfying that was


-The offense has been playing well as of late


-Why is Davante Adams so much better?


-Jon Gruden is so much fun to listen to. Trent Dilfer is not.


-Was the defense better or do the Eagles just stink?


-Was this a sign of things to come or some temporary relief?


-Week 13 picks!


-College Football Playoff Talk. Will Wisconsin make the big dance?


-We forgot to pick the Packers/Texans game. We think they'll win!


-Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below!



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Washington Redskins 42  Green Bay Packers 24


-We've finally discovered what's wrong! It's so obvious!


-But seriously, every week creates a new mystery


-Who is the bigger problem: Mike McCarthy or Ted Thompson?


-Aaron Rodgers isn't the problem....probably


-Can the younger generation of Packer fans tolerate losing?


-Crossfire: Thanksgiving Edition! Turkey Talk!

       -Who was the most memorable Turkey Leg Award Winner? 

       -What is the best Thanksgiving food?

       -What is the first Christmas thing we'll watch?


-The Wisconsin Badgers might make the College Football Playoff...but are they really a top 4 team?


-We pick the Thanksgiving games.


-Will the Packers be squashed in Philadelphia?


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Tennessee Titans 47  Green Bay Packers 25


-This was one of the worst efforts that Packers have given in a long time


-It might be time to move on from Mike McCarthy


-Firing someone after a string of success that McCarthy has had would be rare...but not unprecedented


-Mike McCarthy will likely get the ultimate blame, but is this more Ted Thompson's fault?


-Aaron Rodgers could really tone down yelling at his teammates


-Davante Adams: We're sorry


-The worst figure in the NFL isn't Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Colin Kaepernick or even Roger Goodell. It's Jeff Triplette.


-We butcher your Facebook comments!! (Mainly because Eric can't read)


-When it comes to political opinions, NFL players are in a no-win situation


-The Wisconsin Badgers actually have a shot to be in the College Football Playoff


-Matt was in Madison for the Badgers game. And it made him realize he's getting old. 


-The 2016 Packers are eerily similar to the 1999 Packers (Click to see the comparison table)


-Will the Packers get back on track in Washington? Don't bet on it...


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Indianapolis Colts 31  Green Bay Packers 26

-Packers are dominated by a bad to average Colts team? Are they finished?

-What will it take to get Mike McCarthy fired? Should he be fired?

-The Packers have nearly lost as many games at Lambeau in the last year than they lost in the previous five. What has changed?

-How much blame should Aaron Rodgers accept?

-We discuss Facebook comments

-Week 10 Picks....does it really matter.

-Hey at least the Badgers are good! But are they good enough?


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