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Green Bay Packers 38  Minnesota Vikings 25


-The Packers offense rolls the same team they couldn't do anything against in September


-Jordy Nelson's Pro Bowl snub is ridiculous


-Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL MVP?


-Is the Packers' defense good enough to win a Championship?


-Beating Detroit will be much more difficult than some fans think


-Derek Carr breaks his leg? Is there anyone that can stop the Patriots from winning the AFC?


-The AFC Playoffs are set....and they're going to be gross


-Week 17 Picks

    Will the Redskins lose and give Green Bay a Wildcard spot before they play?

    Can Atlanta lock up the Number 2 seed?

    Will anyone watch Cardinals/Rams?


-College Football Playoff Predictions


-Will Wisconsin win the Cotton Bowl?


-Can Green Bay beat Detroit and go to the playoffs for the 8th straight year?




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Green Bay Packers 30  Chicago Bears 27


-After all they have been through, the Packers now control their own destiny for a playoff spot


-Aaron Rodgers breaks the Bears' hearts again in the clutch


-Aaron Rodgers might never win another Super Bowl, but he's made memories that are argueably worth as much


-The defense squanders a big lead again. Are we headed toward another heartbreaking big game collapse?


-Packers Playoff Scenarios. Where will they end up?


-The Packers and Vikings may both accomplish feats that have rarely happened in league history


-Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL MVP in 2016?


-Week 16 Picks

     Christmas football is back!! Yay?


-We discuss Facebook comments!


-Will the Packers beat the Vikings and set up a win-and-in Week 17 showdown?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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Green Bay Packers 38  Seattle Seahawks 10


-This is as satisfying as a win can get. 


-Seattle has it's biggest loss of the Russell Wilson Era


-Aaron Rodgers finally shreds an elite defense


-Davante Adams' rise is still incredible


-The Packers defense is as good now as they were bad in November. Was it just the injuries?


-Why does it seem the Packers only play well when they're cornered?


-Christian Ringo had the best pass rush of all time


-Will the Packers make the Playoffs?


-Are the Packers now a legitimate Super Bowl Contender?


-Jeff Fisher is (finally) fired as Rams head coach. Will Jim Harbaugh replace him?


-Why does Eric get so annoyed by Ex-Badgers in the NFL?


-If each team was comprised of their literal mascot, who would win the Super Bowl?


-Week 15 Picks


-Will the Packers get the help they need? Can they beat the lowly Bears without Aaron Rodgers?


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Green Bay Packers 21  Houston Texans 13


-A Snowy Win at Lambeau Field was just what the state needed after a Wisconsin collapse the night before


-Aaron Rodgers and Brock Osweiler had nearly the same statline, but it wasn't even close.


-Houston has to have major buyers remorse on Osweiler


-Is James Starks finished?


-The defense bends but doesn't break. Will that work against better defenses?


-Phil Simms and Jim Nantz are terrible together


-The Wisconsin Badgers blow the biggest lead in NCAA Conference Championship Game History in a Loss to Penn State because of course they would


-Would a loss to Western Michigan hurt the Wisconsin Program?


-Sort of in depth Milwaukee Bucks talk!! That's gotta be a first


-College Football Playoff discussion. Did the committee get it right? Is Alabama a lock to win another title?


-Tom Brady surpasses Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for most all time wins. It's impressive, but we discuss why Favre's mark might still be more impressive


-Week 14 Picks - is this the week for the Cleveland Browns to finally win!?


-Can the Packers beat Seattle? Sure! Will they? Umm......


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