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5th Annual Goldie Awards!!!




-Before we start the festivities, we share thoughts on the releases of Sam Shields and James Starks


The Goldie's Awards!


-Who will host the awards this year!!!?


-Who Walks Away with the Packers 2016 Offense and Defensive Players of the Year Honors?


-Best and Worst Plays of the Year


-Who do we want to give a one way ticket out of town!?


-Bill & Ted Award: Which Packer would we steal from history to be on the 2017 team?


-We share YOUR awards!! The fans wrote in some great selections. What are they and who will win them!?


-We discuss some Green and Gold Forever news


THANK YOU for a fantastic 5 years! Stay tuned for more to come!



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Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots 34  Atlanta Falcons 28


-Tom Brady and Bill Belichick stake their claim as the best ever...but the debate isn't over


-Coming back from a huge deficit has never been easier in NFL History


-How did Atlanta lose that game?


-Tom Brady is about to be Michael Jordan'ed...and that's a nightmare for knowledgable sports fans who like to debate


-Is Bill Belichick the best of all time?


-We read YOUR Facebook Comments!


-Super Bowl LI's cultural impact: Reminding us that every moment of life in 2017 America must be political


-The 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class is Announced! Why can't Terrell Owens get in?


-Kenny Easley is inducted. Leroy Butler would logically be next, but it is looking unlikely


-Now that this Super Bowl trash it out of the way, we can get to February's REAL biggest event: the 5th Annual Goldie Awards!!




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