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Green Bay Packers 38  New York Giants 13


-On both offense and defense, the Packers went from inept to unstoppable


-Aaron Rodgers had the best game a QB has ever had in cold weather (and the stats prove it)


-This might be the strangest Packers team we've seen in our lives


-How does Aaron Rodgers keep throwing Hail Marys?


-Randall Cobb has a great game


-The Packers defense shuts down the New York Giants receivers (much more than a boat did)


-Clay Matthews fumble recovery was awesome


-How can the Packers stop Dak Prescott, Ezikiel Elliot and that Dallas Offensive Line? By instilling in them the Fear of Aaron Rodgers


-Packers win aside, this might have been the worst weekend of NFL Football in history


-Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers so dirty in the playoffs?


-Divisional Round Picks:

          Can Seattle beat the Falcons in the dome?

          Why are New England and Houston even playing?

          Will Kansas City follow their heritage and lose at home in the Divisional Round

          Will the Packers continue this incredible run?


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