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Minnesota Vikings 16  Green Bay Packers 0

Detroit Lions 35  Green Bay Packers 11

-The Packers season is finally over. This was the least enjoyable season in memory. It was like a never-ending preseason

-Dom Capers is fired. Ted Thompson is no longer the General Manager. 

-The Packers need change. But change is not always good.

-The are three ways the Packers' changes can turn out: they'll be better, they'll be the same, or they'll be worse. We discuss historical examples of teams in the Packers situation doing all three. 

-The Packers organization is not immune to returning to their perennial losing past

-Where does Aaron Rodgers fit in the organization? Will the Packers build around him or build for the long haul?

-Who will be the Packers' new General Manager?

-Rebuilding the Packers will be much more difficult than it sounds

-Jon Gruden to the Raiders!? What year is this!?

-The NFL shamefully decides to play the Playoffs without the Packers. How insulting.

-Thanks for listening in 2017!! Goldies and more to come in the offseason!




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