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 2017 Goldie Awards!!!


-Trying to forget the 2017 season? TOO BAD!! It's time to go back and give out awards for the bad and worst parts of the 2017 Green Bay Packers season!!


-Quick talk about the big news of the offseason: Ted Thompson and Dom Capers are out. Brian Gutekunst in.


-The 2017 Playoffs were awesome. Especially since the Patriots and Vikings lost.



  • You'll NEVER believe who the special guest host is?
  • Who were the Offensive and Defensive MVPs? Were there any?
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix takes home many "honors"
  • Who can we kick out of town now that Dom is gone? Perhaps we'll just kick Dom EVEN MORE out of town!
  • Eric goes to Urban Dictionary to try and decipher one of the fan awards.


-Where will all of these changes lead the Packers 5 years from now? How long will Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy last? Will they ever win another championship?


-THANK YOU for 6 great seasons!!




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