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In the spirit of the season, the hosts of Green and Gold Forever have compiled their Football Wish lists! Let us know what you want For NFL Christmas gifts this season!

Matt’s List

1. I wish for Aaron Rodgers to make it through this season, and hopefully the rest of his career without another concussion. We always protect him horribly, and he seems like the kind of guy with enough perspective to walk away with potential long term ramifications on his health.

2. I wish somebody would put Jerry Kramer in the Hall of Fame already! ATTA BOY JERRY!

3. I wish the Detroit Lions would lose their last 2 games, hopefully forcing them to fire Jim Schwartz. Maybe they can hire a nice guy coach like Dave McGinnis and get rid of all that tomfoolery.

4. I wish the Giants would miss the playoffs! I like our chances against almost any other team, but we obviously don’t match up well against New York. A road to the Super Bowl that doesn’t include the Giants, is a much easier road indeed.

5. Last but not least, I hope the Pack get everybody back and healthy come playoff time, and instead of flaming out in the divisional round we at least make a serious run at another championship.

Eric’s List

1. I wish Brett Favre would come back to Green Bay before he goes into the Hall of Fame and retire his number. It just wouldn’t be right otherwise.

2. They are getting older, but just one last time, I wish Tom Brady would play Peyton Manning in the Playoffs

3. I wish the Packers to resign Greg Jennings and Clay Matthews for the long term, even if they have to let other people go.

4. I wish the Cincinnati Bengals would win a playoff game

5. I wish this year’s Super Bowl Champion would be a team that was nice all year, not a naughty team that started behaving in time for the playoffs.

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