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Green and Gold Forever is a podcast that cover the Green Bay Packers from the viewpoint of long –time, devoted fans. We discuss the games and events surrounding today’s team from our own perspectives. Make no mistake - we are Packers homers, but we try to be fair. 

We also delve into Packers history, sharing stats and in our popular ‘What If…?’ segment, were we discuss historical events in Packers history and how the team’s history and present would be different if a few events had been changed. We often dive into other Packers and NFL history topics to find an historical perspective for the events of today's events in football. 

If you would like to get in touch with the show, contact us at

Facebook: facebook.com/GreenAndGoldForeverPodcast.

Twitter: @GreenGold4Ever

Email: greenandgoldpodcast@gmail.com

This podcast is in no way affiliated with the Green Bay Packers or the National Football League.

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