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Carolina Panthers 31  Green Bay Packers 24

-There will be no storybook finish this year

-The Packers will miss the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. Where is this franchise headed?

-The Packers should move on from Dom Capers. But will they?

-Aaron Rodgers proves his toughness, but he may have come back too soon.

-Is Aaron Rodgers' armstrength a concern going forward?

-The Packers are no longer a Super Bowl contender. But how do you fix that? 

-Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson are not going anywhere. But can you rebuild with them around?

-Thomas Davis takes a cheapshot on Davante Adams. This problem will take a while to fix

-We read your Facebook Comments! (Like a grade schooler)

-Go Jaguars and Rams!...I guess

-Will Rodgers play again in 2017? Do we want him to?

-Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!



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Green Bay Packers 27  Cleveland Browns 21

-The biggest return of the season is upon us!! Also Aaron Rodgers might play on Sunday

-The Brett Hundley Era may be over. We bizarrely might miss it.

-What will the future be for Brett Hundley?

-Dom Capers' defense is still bad, but this last month likely means it will still be here in 2018

-Davante Adams should get a nice big contract. What will happen to Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson in 2018?

-Even if Aaron Rodgers plays, the Packers won't win the Super Bowl. But he should play anyways if he can.

-Facebook Comments

-CrossFire Returns!

  • If you had a time machine, which sporting events would you watch?
  • Favorite Packers and Non-Packers Moments
  • Should kneeling at the end of games go the way of the Intentional Walk?
  • If the Packers weren't around, who would we cheer for? Suprisingly, we might have had a better sports experience
  • Favorite Moments of NFL Players in Professional Wrestling

-The 2017 season has been awful. Hopefully the postseason saves it.

-Will the Packers make a Super Bowl Run?



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Green Bay Packers 26  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

-The Packers win! They're back in the hunt!....right?

-Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones may give the Packers a dynamic they've rarely had

-Brett Hundley is tough and smart. But he's not very good.

-Clay Matthews has his best game in years, but Dom Capers defense is still scary

-Deshone Kizar may be the worst quarterback of the last 30 years

-Can the Packers avoid making mistakes and beat Cleveland?

-Your Facebook Comments!

-The Wisconsin Badgers lose the Big Ten Championship Game to Ohio State. Will they ever get over the hump?

-The Badgers should be proud of what they've built....but it's not unreasonable to expect them to be further along after 25 years of success

-The best thing about the corrupt College Football Playoff Committee?: It's all but guanteeing that we'll have an 8 team playoff in the near future

-Favorite Regular Season Games of the last 5 Decades! (Thanks to Eric Hanson)

-How excited can 70s fans get for beating a marginal playoff team in October? Very.

-Chris explains how his 1983 counterpart had to make a choice between Lynn Dickey and James Lofton or his date. He chose wisely.

-The 1990s was plentiful with options, but many of our fans chose revenge

-A game late in the 2000s was Eric's favorite, because it gave us a glimpse of the success to come

-2010s: what is the best game of this decade to date? We were split between drama and destruction

-Sunday is win/win: either the Packers set up Aaron Rodgers Return or set up the potential exit of many key players



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Pittsburgh Steelers 31  Green Bay Packers 28

-Packers play a great game...but where has this team been!?

-Brett Hundley shines. How was the offense so much better?

-The defense forces turnovers, but gives up way too many yards

-Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is not playing well

-The Packers lose another close game. Have they plateaued with Mike McCarthy?

-Antonio Brown is great

-The will be no miracle in 2017. The Packers will not make the playoffs. 

-The Wisconsin Badgers take on Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship Game. Why is Wisconsin so disrespected?

-Alabama and the SEC have been overrated all year.

-What was the reaction to the Packers trade for Brett Favre?

-How close were the Packers to moving out of Green Bay in 2000?

-Who are some of the most overrated and underrated players in NFL history?

-Will the Packers beat the Buccaneers? Who Cares!! WILL THE BADGERS BEAT THE BUCKEYES!!?



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Baltimore Ravens 23 Green Bay Packers 0

-Scheme doesn’t seem to matter. Everything they tried failed.

-Brett Hundley is terrible. That’s an irrefutable fact at this point.

-Which is more frustrating?: Hundley is so bad after 3 years of "development" or that no one noticed he was this bad until now?

-How do you justify firing Dom Capers after losses like yesterday?

-Devante Adams is the real deal and is going to be rich very soon.

-Kenny Clark only has a high ankle sprain. Whew

-What would the Vegas Line have to be for you to bet against the Steelers covering against the Packers?

-Random thoughts on the 1987 Players Strike and Replacement Players

-What if Sterling Sharpe hadn't gotten hurt in 1994?

-The Packers are going to lose to the Steelers on Sunday. The question is by how much.





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Green Bay Packers 23  Chicago Bears 16

-Winning is fun. It's easy to forget that.

-Brett Hundley plays great. Will that continue?

-The Packers running game performs. How will they cope with the injuries?

-Devante Adams is the Packers No. 1 Receiver.

-Jamal Williams is a bruiser

-Chicago Newspapers are outraged that the Bears lost to the Packers

-Mitchell Trubisky actually looked like an NFL Quarterback proving Dom's defense is still bad. 

-John Fox has the best challenge ever.

-The Packers have the biggest head-to-head lead on the Bears since 1932, giving Eric the chance to talk about one of the weirdest seasons in NFL history.

-Wisconsin vs. Michigan. Will the Badgers make the College Football Playoff?

-Who is the biggest bust in Packers history? Who are some underachievers?

-We rank the best seasons in Packers history by decade.

-Submit your own topics for future episodes!!

-The Packers can beat the Ravens. Will they?



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Detroit Lions 30  Green Bay Packers 17


-After two weeks of preparation, the Packers are worse than they were before

-Is the coaching or the players to blame for the poor play? Yes.

-The defense is awful. Clay is old. Dom Capers has to go. All the other familiar talking points...

-Brett Hundley is worse than 2013 Scott Tolzien.

-Did the Packers recent collapse started with the 2014 NFC Championship Game loss?

-Will Aaron Rodgers ever be the same?

-Martellus Bennett released

-How bad to the Packers have to be to put Mike McCarthy at risk of being fired?

-Would you trust Ted Thompson to rebuild this team?

Classic Talk!

-Super Bowl XXXII still hurts.

-Was there serious thoughts of giving the quarterback job back to Don Majkowski in 1992?

-What were the most surprising and disappointing seasons we remember?

-Why did Brett Favre have to throw that damn interception in the 2007 NFC Title Game!?

-Reggie White needs more credit for turning the Packers around.

-Will the Packers beat the Bears? Probably not.


-Submit your own topics for future episodes!!



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New Orleans Saints 26  Green Bay Packers 17

-Brett Hundley throws for just 87 passing yards. He has to be better than that right?

-Mike McCarthy had a very conservative gameplan. Did it cost his team the win?

-The Ty Montgomery Experiment is over. Aaron Jones needs to be the Running Back.

-The defense was horrible. Stats and history suggest the Packers could've lost even with Aaron Rodgers because of their performance.

-Dom Capers defense has had the same problems no matter who is on the field.

-Is it possible to build a team that can win without it's superstar quarterback? History says this very hard.

-We go to Facebook to discuss YOUR Throwback Topics

  • Who is our favorite Packers Backup Quarterback in recent history?
  • Chris shares his firsthand experience cheering for Don Majkowski and the 1989-90 Cardiac Packers.
  • What bad season from recent history has been like this one?

-What should we look for during the bye week?



Minnesota Vikings 23  Green Bay Packers 10


-Aaron Rodgers Breaks His Collarbone and is Possibly Out for the Season


-A once promising season is ruined


-The hit by Anthony Barr was legal, but still dirty.


-Did Aaron Rodgers Prime end yesterday?


-As a fan, how should I root for this team to do the rest of the season? What if Brett Hundley is TOO successful?


-Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson have an opportunity to prove their success is more than just Aaron Rodgers. But is it?


-Dom Capers defense is needed now more than ever.....but why should we expect them to succeed?


-SO MANY INJURIES!!! What can be done? Probably nothing. 


-Tony Romo and Colin Kaepernick are not viable options for the Packers.


-Brett Hundley has been set up to succeed. Will he?


-Are modern Packers fans prepared to be a loser?



Green Bay Packers 35  Dallas Cowboys 31

-Aaron Rodgers and the Packers make Magic in Dallas Again!

-Few (if any) in NFL history could've made the plays Rodgers did on that final drive

-Davante Adams not only plays, but shines

-Aaron Jones may be a new weapon for the Packers

-The Defense is....still the defense

-Should Dak Prescott have taken a knee at the one yard line to run off time?

-How good is Ha Ha Clinton Dix?

-The Packers have become Dallas' nightmare. What a role reversal from 20 years ago

-We discuss some of the pre-Rodgers wins in Dallas in 1975 and 1989.

-Who is good in the NFL this year?

-We take YOUR questions from Facebook?

  • Is Big Ben done?
  • Is Frank Gore a Hall of Famer?
  • Remembering YA Tittle

-Will the Packers win in Minnesota next week?


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