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Cincinnati Bengals 34  Green Bay Packers 30

-Who's to blame for the loss? Aaron Rodgers? Mike McCarthy? The defense?

-Why Aaron Rodgers deserves his share of the blame

-Is the NFL's concussion problem actually getting worse?

-Week 3 has sucked the last few years

-The Packers lose ANOTHER Close game? Why does that keep happening? We discuss 5 reasons why this might be happening.

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Green Bay Packers 38  Washington Redskins 20

-The Packers offense has regained it's explosiveness

-Brandon Merriweather knocks out two players (including himself). What will it take for some NFL players to play safer?

-What do we make of James Starks?

-The defense was better, but is it good enough to become a serious contender?

-Should the Jaguars get Tim Tebow?

-Is it time for the Washington Redskins to change their name?

-San Francisco gets blasted in Seattle. Does that change our opinion of Green Bay's standing in the NFL.

-Our predictions for next week's game against the Bengals

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San Francisco 49ers 34 Green Bay Packers 28

The Packers lost to San Francisco again. Are the Niners just plain better than Green Bay?

-The Packers stopped the read-option...but San Francisco didn't need it to win

-Would you fire Dom Capers after one game?

-Clay Matthews was a beast, but his penalty was inexcusable

-Why don't the referees know the rules?

-The offense was good, but their in-game inconsistency is hurting the team

-We whip around the rest of the league...Kansas City is good (I guess), the Steelers look bad, and the Giants and Cowboys need practice

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Kansas City Chiefs 30  Green Bay Packers 8

- The Packers replace their backup QB platoon

- Green Bay was awful during the preseason...does that mean anything?

- We discuss Clay Matthews remarks about Colin Kaepernick and Jim Harbaugh's reaction

- The Packers have looked to the SF game all offseason and are very confident...but what happens if they lose?

- Who will win on Sunday? Eric and Matt disagree on the answer

- We make our 2013 playoff predictions!! Who will win the Super Bowl?

- Are the Packers a Super Bowl contender? Are they in store for a bad season?

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More hyped than Dr. Dre's Detox...It's the lost edition of Green and Gold Forever!!

Recorded on July 27, 2013

-Greg Jennings needs to shut up
-We analyze the 2013 Packers Draft
-Bold Predictions for the 2013 Packers
-We give our playoff seed predictions for 2013!
-Family Night is really stupid

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