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Free Agency 2014

-Packers sign Julius Peppers. Was that the right move?

-Who of the resignings will make the biggest impact? Which loss will hurt the most?

-Jared Allen signs with Chicago. At least it wasn't Seattle

--Are the Packers better after Free Agency? Did Ted do enough to keep pace?

--Mark Cuban says the NFL will be Doomed in 10 Years. Is he right?

-NFL extra points will be kicked from the 20 yard line in the 2014 Preseason. Good or Stupidest Thing You've Ever Heard?

-The influence of Fantasy Football on the NFL

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Today we revisit an old What If...? segment. What if this had been reality:


What if the Packers had drafted Joe Montana?

Eric and Matt debate the alternate reality where Joe Montana joins Bart Starr's Packers in 1979. Do they fair better than Lynn Dickey's Packers? What does this change do to Packers history? What happens to the 49ers? Is Montana still considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time?

PLUS: Eric revisits this episode where he discusses fan theories about this What If...? topic!

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It's the Offseason!!!!.....so.......

-Who is watching the NFL Combine on TV?
-The Packers are losing a ton of Super Bowl experience in Free Agency
-Who should they keep?
-Michael Sam and the Changing NFL
-Expanding the Playoffs to 7 teams per Conference is Great....if you love 8-8 teams in the Playoffs Every Other Year (The Stats Prove It)
-Crossfire Returns! Where does Adrian Peterson Rank All-Time? Which Quarterback Should Houston Draft?
-Let us know your thoughts!

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