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2015 NFL Offseason - Let's Get Nuts

-Free Agency is Insane!...except for the Packers

-Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga resign with Green Bay. How worried were we?

-Tramon Williams Leaves. We reminisce about his Packers Career

-The Packers choose Scott Tolzien over Matt Flynn. What do we make of Flynn's career?

-BJ Raji, John Kuhn, and Letroy Guion are still on the market. Will any return?

-What the hell are the Eagles doing?

-Sam Bradford stinks...but everyone wants him. Are we missing something?

-Seattle trades for Jimmy Graham. Did the Seahawks get even better?

-The Dolphins wasted their money on Ndamukong Suh

-Greg Jennings is willing to reconcile. Are we?

-Chris Boreland retires from the NFL and potentially changes everything

-Your Facebook Comments and Questions! (Thanks to all of our fantastic fans!)

-March Madness talk: Can Wisconsin Win it All? Was the TV experience better when it was all on one channel?


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