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100th Episode!!!...it's exactly like the previous 99

-We discuss a couple of our favorite podcast moments

-The NFL tries streaming and exaggerates it's success

-This weekend's games were boring

-Crossfire returns with talk of Quarterbacks past, present, and future

-Week 8 picks

-Thanks to the fans for all the support!

-Can the Packers beat the Broncos? 


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Green Bay Packers 27  San Diego Chargers 20

-The Packers are 6-0!...but how did the Packers win this game?

-Philip Rivers has a historic day...but it didn't matter

-The Packers defense took "bend but don't break" to the extreme

-Are the Seattle Seahawks finished?

-It's official: the Packers offense needs help

-The Good and Bad about the Packers heading into the Bye Week

-The NFL is like a college football conference this year

-Ranking the 5 remaining undefeated teams

-Is Clay Matthews the best defensive player in the NFL?

-The Indianapolis Colts try the worst trick play in NFL history...and it was the best thing ever

-Week 7 Picks
-The games this week are awful
-The NFL tries an online-stream-exclusive broadcast...ugh
-How weird is it that Dan Campbell is a head coach?
-Pittsburgh is better than we thought they were. The Ravens are not
-We discuss your comments!

-We approach 100 episodes. How will we celebrate?


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Green Bay Packers 24  St Louis Rams 10

-Yesterday was a good sign for the Packers

-The Rams did everything they had to to win...and still lost by 2 touchdowns

-Aaron Rodgers finally throws an interception at Lambeau Field

-Is it time to worry about the Packers offense

-Eric is flying solo today and he's bailed out by Facebook!
-2016 Hall of Fame Discussion
-What makes a QB a bust?
-Skip Bayless is awful and Michael Jordan is overrated
-Nick Foles and Chip Kelly were right for each other
-And more!


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Green Bay Packers 17  San Francisco 49ers 3

-Colin Kaepernick is horrible

-The Packers' pass rush is better than the 1985 Bears (statistically)

-The offense struggles. Is there a need to worry?

-A cautionary tale about 4-0 Packers teams of the past

-The win wasn't as satisfying as it should have been. It needed Jim Harbaugh

-We do a 1st quarter of the season SWOT Analysis on the Packers

-Week 5 picks!

-The Rams are weird. Could we see another 17-3 game?


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Green Bay Packers 38  Kansas City Chiefs 28

-The Packers are effortlessly good

-Aaron Rodgers is so good that he's ruining our enjoyment of other teams

-Referees miss a huge 4th & 18 call. How is this possible?

-Green Bay's defense stars then fades. Should we be worried?

-Alex Smith is just the worst

-The Packers biggest weakness - Ted Thompson's clapping technique

-What If...? Returns! What if Rick Mirer had entered the NFL Draft in 1992? What if the Packers had traded for Steve Young in 1992?

-Week 4 Picks

-What are our exceptions for the Packers the rest of the way? How many more losses should we expect?

-Losing to the 49ers in 2012 & 2013 was worth it, because it ruined the 49ers


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Green Bay Packers 27  Seattle Seahawks 17

-This is as satisfying as a regular season win gets

-The Packers dominated all but a few minutes

-The gap between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson is huge

-Rodgers pokes fun at Russell Wilson's God comments from January

-Pete Carroll protests a possession call. How dense is this guy?

-Will the Seahawks implode?

-The Packers defense steps up

-Week 2 was really weird. Is anyone good?

-The Saints are suddenly horrible at home

-Will the Cowboys' playoff hopes survive Tony Romo's injury?

-Week 3 picks

-We really want those Bud Light cans...just not what is inside them


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Green Bay Packers 31  Chicago Bears 23

-Packers beat the Bears again. Is this rivalry dead?

-Aaron Rodgers looks better than everyone else even when he doesn't have monster stats

-Clay Matthews was as good as his reputation on Sunday

-Eddie Lacy and Matt Forte are both elite backs

-Sam Shields, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and most of the defense struggle. Should we be worried?

-Draftkings.com. Sign up now! Right now!! Draftkings.com! DRAFTKINGS.COM!!!

-Pete Carroll and NFL coaches are terrible because they're too aggressive. No, too conservative. Wait...no...too aggressive?

-Week 2 Picks
  • We discuss the performances of teams in Week 1 while picking games for Week 2
  • Also, we hate all you kids with your selfies and Twitter!! (Except for @GreenGold4Ever) 

-Can the Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday? We aren't sure...


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