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Green Bay Packers 34  Dallas Cowboys 31


-The Packers are finally on the winning end of a classic NFL playoff game


-Aaron Rodgers throw to Jared Cook was amazing.


-Mason Crosby is awesome too!


-Dallas will be back...but being 13-3 is extremely hard


-Are the Packers better off for having almost blowing another playoff game?


-But seriously why does this keep happening?


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  • Icing the Kicker Sucks, but what can be done about it?
  • If the Packers win the Super Bowl, is Rodgers the greatest of all time?
  • Championships are a horrible way to judge quarterbacks


-We talk all of the action of the Divisional Playoffs


-Conference Championship talk!

  • Can the Steelers finally beat the Patriots and validate their success in the Roethlisberger Era
  • Why does Atlanta's new stadium look like a gross part of the body?
  • Atlanta is really really good. Maybe we don't believe the Packers can beat them, but nothing that makes sense has occured this season


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