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Atlanta Falcons 44  Green Bay Packers 21


-We finally got our wish: a Packers playoff loss that wasn't on the final play!


-When did we each feel the game was over?


-Atlanta is really good and deserved the win


-The Packers defense is terrible. Who is to blame: Dom Capers or Ted Thompson?


-Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense shouldn't have to be perfect to win a game in the NFL


-Aaron Rodgers has lost and Tom Brady is headed to Super Bowl number 7....and it's NOT because Brady is better than Rodgers?


-Quarterbacks by Points For and Points Allowed in the Playoffs (Min 10 Starts)


-Aaron Rodgers is definitely a Top 5 Quarterback of all time...but will never win another title without more help on defense


-Will Matt Ryan be a Hall of Famer with a win in the Super Bowl?


-Who should be in the 2017 Hall of Fame Class?


-Super Bowl LI is Atlanta vs. New England. Who do we got?


-Thank you so much for a great 2016!!!


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Green Bay Packers 34  Dallas Cowboys 31


-The Packers are finally on the winning end of a classic NFL playoff game


-Aaron Rodgers throw to Jared Cook was amazing.


-Mason Crosby is awesome too!


-Dallas will be back...but being 13-3 is extremely hard


-Are the Packers better off for having almost blowing another playoff game?


-But seriously why does this keep happening?


-Facebook Comments! 

  • Icing the Kicker Sucks, but what can be done about it?
  • If the Packers win the Super Bowl, is Rodgers the greatest of all time?
  • Championships are a horrible way to judge quarterbacks


-We talk all of the action of the Divisional Playoffs


-Conference Championship talk!

  • Can the Steelers finally beat the Patriots and validate their success in the Roethlisberger Era
  • Why does Atlanta's new stadium look like a gross part of the body?
  • Atlanta is really really good. Maybe we don't believe the Packers can beat them, but nothing that makes sense has occured this season


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Green Bay Packers 38  New York Giants 13


-On both offense and defense, the Packers went from inept to unstoppable


-Aaron Rodgers had the best game a QB has ever had in cold weather (and the stats prove it)


-This might be the strangest Packers team we've seen in our lives


-How does Aaron Rodgers keep throwing Hail Marys?


-Randall Cobb has a great game


-The Packers defense shuts down the New York Giants receivers (much more than a boat did)


-Clay Matthews fumble recovery was awesome


-How can the Packers stop Dak Prescott, Ezikiel Elliot and that Dallas Offensive Line? By instilling in them the Fear of Aaron Rodgers


-Packers win aside, this might have been the worst weekend of NFL Football in history


-Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers so dirty in the playoffs?


-Divisional Round Picks:

          Can Seattle beat the Falcons in the dome?

          Why are New England and Houston even playing?

          Will Kansas City follow their heritage and lose at home in the Divisional Round

          Will the Packers continue this incredible run?


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Green Bay Packers 31  Detroit Lions 24


-It must suck to be from Detroit today. 


-Aaron Rodgers can take this team anywhere...but will the defense ruin it?


-Who the heck is going to cover Odell Beckham Jr?


-Can Eli Manning really beat Green Bay at Lambeau again?


-How far will the Packers go in the playoffs? Sizing up the potential playoff matchups for the Packers


-The AFC Playoffs are a joke


-Who should be NFL MVP?


-We discuss your Facebook comments!


-Is Mike McCarthy one more title away from Hall of Fame consideration?


-The College Football Postseason kinda sucks


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